A day of bizarre phone calls from Apple and for the Income Tax people

Yesterday morning I missed a call from a number I didn't recognise. When I tried to return the call I received an automated message from a switchboard stating that the "shopping centre is closed...and that I should call back later".

I don't get many calls from shopping centres! Later in the day I received another call from the same number and was amused to learn that it was a wrong number from an Apple Computer store & I was sat drinking Coffee at the Microsoft campus.

I missed another call whilst driving home last night. This time it was from an unrecognised mobile phone number. When I returned the call I found that the originator had somehow expected to reach the British Income Tax people - bizarre indeed as they'd dialed my MOBILE and in the UK such numbers are clearly separate from traditional telephone numbers.

I wonder who's going to call next? Redhat, Google, Ubuntu? or perhaps someone from Sun Microsystems...

Comments (2)

  1. Steven Jenkinson says:

    I had a bizarre call day too. Except it was me doing the calling. My order for my Dominos pizza didn’t go through correctly, so I called their advertised IT Helpdesk number for customers (everywhere has them now you know!). I had actually called the Next clothes shop helpline, which was useless in this case. It turns out their numbers are one digit different.

  2. Bruce Willis says:

    Wrong numbers are echoes from the 12 moonkey future.

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