NationalRail train timetable Vista Gadget *links finally fixed!*

* Note: Thanks to Steven Audis for pointing out that some of the links were broken on this post - a weird glitch meant that only the administrator of the blog (me) could see them!)

I really like NationalRail's Vista Gadget - it's very handy for train travel in the UK and shows a good example to other countries - if you know of something similar in your georgraphy then please add a comment to let others know.

You can download the gadget by following the link National Rail's homepage - it takes you here. Once you've downloaded and installed the gadget you can configure it by clicking the right mouse button (while pointing @ the gadget (with the mouse!)) and selecting "Options". You'll see a screen like the following:

As you enter the station names they'll auto complete. Tomorrow night I'm heading into London from the office hence I've configued the gadget to show me the live departure board for trains accordingly - the information is displayed as follows in the gadget:

Something that may not be immediately apparent is that you can even click on the services listed to reveal even more information - specifically how your inbound train is progressing if it's already enroute:

The only problem I can see is that you can only enter direct journeys - the "destination" field will only select stations that can be reached without changes.

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