What do you get if you cross beer with a skateboard and a big hill? Do not drink and ride!

James eluded to my visit to the hospital in his Pigs Drugs and Naked Dwarves post. Thanks to everyone who asked after me when they heard that I'd wiped out on my skateboard. Going to the conference the next day with bandages on certainly led to lots of questions. I learned the hard way that enjoying a couple of beers and skateboarding afterwards is a bad idea. I guess this isn't a problem for the majority of skateboarders as the are children and it should have been blatently obvious to me but there you go.

As I walked up a steep tarmac hill (on private land) with my brand new skateboard in hand something in my head said "it's too steep - what ARE you doing", unfortunately something else in there said "you'll be fine" (the beer me thinks). Anyway I shot down the hill and upon realising that I was out of control I jumped off and attempted to run. Unfortunately I was going faster than I could run and moments later I found myself skidding down the remainder of the hill on my hands and knees.

I have posted a couple of pictures showing the gory details for those who want to see them.

When I returned to my hotel the helpful staff raided the medical cupboard to provide me with bandages and antiseptic though as I found out the following day at the hospital the dressings we not non-stick and they'd bound to the wounds. I nearly passed out (everything went grey and sparkly) as the nurse removed the dressings and cleaned everything up.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I mentioned the post that I lost last night and that it referred to Clive James, a writer whose words

  2. AdamV says:

    It’s not possible to jump off cleanly after a few beers, which is why you should not drink and dive (sic)!

    As a kid I used to skateboard all over the place, and did something very similar. It was not so much the steepness of the hill but the length of the (public) road and the smooth high quality tarmac which caused my problems.

    I hit a point after about 30 seconds of acceleration where the slightest wobble led to a major oversteer and I was veering from one side of the road to the other. Seeing parked cars on my side coming up, and a car coming towards me (about 200 yards away at that point) I decided I had to get off.

    I knew I could not run fast enough to keep up with my momentum, so I jumped, tucked and rolled and luckily avoided any major injury. I had to get off the road quickly then run downhill pretty fast to catch the getaway board.

    A lucky escape for me but I learned my lesson.

    I hope your knees get healed soon!

  3. ::Wendy:: says:

    You may have uncovered a fashion theme where people might deliberately create holes in their jeans or buy jeans with holes to convey wreckless boarding abilities.

    I wear ‘above the knee’ clothes because its cheaper to deal with when you take those inevitable dives.  With the exception of my Rohan teflon, fleece-lined, trousers where I have fallen-over without damaging the material and still maintained knee-grazes of pre-teen quality.

    Good show

    keep it up.


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