Things to do at London Heathrow airport if you get stuck due to bad weather

Like many people in the UK today James has had a nightmare attempting to travel - in his case to Seattle - due to the flooding and crazy weather in England. I'm very glad that I flew out a day early for an extra day's training prior to our internal Technical Conference.

Whilst accessing the news coverage via the Internet I stumbled across an interesting article titled Things to do if you are stuck at London Heathrow airport. It's well worth a read as it provides an "insiders guide" to the airport much of which is useful even if you don't get stuck there including the best place to eat in each terminal.

Here's an extract:

"Killing time at Heathrow is unlikely to be fun, and it certainly isn't cheap, but it can be much more pleasant if you think outside the box they put you into, and use whichever terminal gives you the facilities you want at the time. The key thing, as has already been noted, is to know that you are in the lap of the gods, that there is nothing you can do, and that shouting will only make it worse."

I feel for everyone who are suffering the effects of flooding including those who are spending the night in their cars on the M5. Roll on Summer!

BTW: It's rained all day here in Seattle though no where near like is has back home.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The last person I punched was a schoolboy. Before you report me for child cruelty, I should point out

  2. Arf's says:

    Can i rub salt into the wounds … it’s been beautiful here in Colorado for the past few weeks where we’ve had temp’s reaching into the high 90º’s.

    Yes we’ve also had rain, but this arrives around 5pm in the afternoon and normally clears along with the thunderstorms sometime around 7pm.

    🙂 – back to the wind and rain, with water wings next week though … & maybe the thermals


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