Another day, another scam – my post was incorrect, the message titled "Reminder: Important changes to PayPal Accounts in the European Union" is NOT a Phishing Email

My apologies to PayPal - my post was incorrect - the email titled "Reminder: Important changes to PayPal" was not a Phishing email. Thanks to Rab for correcting me. Rab sent a copy of the email to who verified that it was a valid message.

It's my first day back from two weeks holiday in Europe and whilst working my way through my overflowing email inbox I came across a Phishing email titled "Reminder: Important changes to PayPal Accounts in the European Union". I'm sure that some people will fall for this scam as it's pretty well written though it does claim that "no action is required" and then further down the message asks the reader to click on a link to a dodgy website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The reason for this post is to make sure that those who subscribe to my blog and saw my earlier inaccurate

  2. Rab says:

    I was rather hoping you may give a bit more info on this scam.. Is it piggybacking an actual move by Paypal? As it looks like the genuine address, what is THE actual genuine address for EU users?

    ..I wouldn’t want to be taken to the dodgy site to confirm the address:(


  3. Rab McKnight says:

    Further to my earlier comment..

    I contacted , sending them a copy of the email in question, and was informed that the email in question IS, in fact, from Paypal themselves, and therefore NOT a phishing expedition.

    I hope you will update your blog accordingly, so as not to damage their business by erroneous information.


    Rab McKnight

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