HTC have released the beautiful "touch" mobile device- who on Earth would want an iPhone?!

I played with a HTC Touch device a few moments ago - it's beautiful!

It's slim, light, has a good battery life and a large vibrant touch screen plus 3G (thanks Arthur!) too. Its powered by Windows Mobile 6 so is easy to us and has a wealth of built in security features which Can be centrally managed.

This can be your phone, PDA, GPS (if you add a bluetooth receiver and software), music and video player AND it's shiney!

Sadly I don't have one...

Note:- Thanks to  for the image shown above. You can read more about the device in their article

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Steve has been had a play with the HTC "Touch" (luck man). He asks "who on Earth would want an iPhone?!"

  2. Steve Lamb says:

    Particularly as this device is available in Europe NOW – I gather the iphone’s not due on these shores until sometime in 2008!

  3. Scotty McLeod says:

    No 3G I am afraid and only tri-band. Very nice looking and certainly as this is not likely to be a business buyers phone the quad does not matter much but I think the 3G will be something that will put some people off.

  4. Dave Oliver says:

    You forgot to mention the really uber cool thing about the HTC Touch, the ‘virtual sheet of paper’ interface.

    This video from Auntie Beeb will explain more

    The iPhone does have some serious competition from this device.

  5. stodge says:

    Who on earth wants a mobile device? I love being out of contact! 😉

    Is that the actual screenshot in the above image? Or is it posed? Either way, if it resembles the actual device’s “desktop” that’s quite a tasty design. Simple and attractive – nice!

  6. Mark Wilson says:

    And, at just over £300 contract-free, it’s about 40% cheaper than the last figure I heard for the iPhone.

    I love Apple hardware but once they enter the smartphone market they have some tough (and more experienced) competition.


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