Ooh goodness – my Paypal account has been flagged!

Yes folks it's another attempted scam. There's a link to an explictly hardcoded IP address that I'm supposed to visit due to "additonal security measures". Something that may catch people out is that the source email address has been spoofed to be a plausible service@paypal.com

Delete the message and don't follow the link is the advice to give friends who may come across this scam

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  1. Kiki Michaelidou says:

    You should send the email to spoof@paypal.com and then delete it, in order for Paypal to be able to investigate its origin- let’s fight back.  That’s what I did.

    The fraudulent email I received, informed me that I had bought a laptop (which was obviously not the case) and that I had to click on a link (that was not a Paypal one) in order to get a refund.  In this email I was suspeciously addressed with my email address (i.e. Dear <email address>) and not with my name.

    Kiki (not at Wiki Wednesdays today)

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