Now you can run VME Mainframe applications natively on Windows Server

Fujitsu kindly invited me to join them last week for the lauch of SuperNova - it's the next generation of their mainframe platform. SuperNova runs on Windows Server, Redhat LINUX and Suse LINUX and in each instance provides the means to run native VME mainframe applications directly on the host platform - no need to change the code or even to rebuilt it.

Imagine being able to run code that was written by people back in the 1970s on Windows Server! If you're thinking "why on Earth would you want to?" then you might be surprised to know just how many large corporations are reliant upon thirty year old COBOL code.

Thanks to AXiS - effective "the VME User Group" for inviting me to join them after the launch to discuss Windows as a Mainframe Host.

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