Which business critical "off the shelf" software won’t work on Windows Vista?

Please share by hitting the "Comment" button (or email me with the subject "These Apps don't work on Vista") which applications are critical to your business and yet don't work on Windows Vista. 

By compiling a list of applications and vendors then I can approach each and see how we may be able to help them fix the problem. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There are some bits of humour which are so well known they become the basis for other jokes. One that

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jungle Jim> My aim was to get a feel for what issues you’re facing.

    Absolutely there are many people both at corp and World wide doing excellent work in compatability.

    There will always be enough security work out there (sadly) as I’ll delve into in my next post…

  3. evil says:

    *evil mode on*

    VS 2003, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 pre SP1

    *duck and hide*

  4. Andy McKnight says:

    The biggest headache I’ve found with apps on Vista64 Enterprise was trying to get the 2003 AdminPak to install.  Googling gave an answer to that but I’ve yet to get the Exchange options working.  

    Oh, and the Microsoft powertoys don’t install either.

    Steve, I emailed you directly regarding an ISA question a few days ago, did you get it?

  5. prasad says:

    Seems there is a big list of big name companies themselves which do not work off the shelf.  Some I have experienced

    1.  Logitech – Quickcam Pro 500 Software – Latest Release – acts crazy and had to uninstall it, until I get a good review from the Web.

    2.  Microsoft – Intellipoint Mouse Driver – when you disconnect the USB Mouse (Microsoft Optical Notebook Mouse 3000) once when the machine starts and then connect it back, Vista cannot associate it to the mouse driver …

    3.  Pinnacle Systems – Studio Plus – Yet to release a finished product for Video Editing

    4.  DLink USB Hub (DUB H7) has yet to release a driver for their product

    5.  Most of Creative’s software for – Creative Audigy Notebook ZS – are not working (atleast the sound management software)

    6.  Microsoft Office Excel 2007, blanks out … Just get a blank screen, when the CPU is pretty loaded – should have noticed that atleast 8-10 times .. !

    7.  Visual Studio 2005 – Debugging has a problem with the IIS 7 even when run on an elevated privilege.  It says that the Integrated Authentication is not enabled (This is on my home PC)….!

    8.  ATI Radeon’s latest driver gives me BSODs every time I login … had to go in safe mode to reboot!

    So far what I have seen….. or remember …!

  6. Mark Davies says:

    Vodafone Mobile Connect; there is finally a Beta supporting Vista but it is extremely flakey, almost unusable.

  7. Jungle Jim says:

    Errm, why do you appear to be setting up a 1-man “Vista compatibility helpdesk”?

    You give the impression that Redmond doesn’t have teams working on such issues. Is this a way of expressing your frustration with Microsoft’s assistance to the affected businesses?

    Another possibility is that Vista security is so good that you’re looking for new work 🙂

  8. Matthew Stibbe says:

    Several flying-related programs I use don’t work on Vista, including Jeppesen FlightStar IFR, Jeppesen JeppView, King Schools Commercial Pilot Interactive CD-ROM course.  Also, I use a web-based Content Management System which absolutely will not use IE7.  I run all this in Virtual PC on my Vista box.  Stupid and time-wasting but it does work fine.

  9. nigel bradley says:

    Sage: so far sage have only certified their latest (v13) instant/line50 accounts /payroll & similar for vista.  This leave any accountancy practice using the Sage  Accounts Production, Corporation tax, Taxation Suite rooted in XP Pro, which does the job anyway. While XP is still available as a choice from the likes of Dell for new computer purchases it’s not a problem. Yet.


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