The Playstation 3 is a Monster – a VERY hungry one!

Apparently the Sony Playstation 3 consumes up to 380 watts of power according to a review in the current T3 technology magazine. I can't help wondering how big the power supply unit is as the XBox 360's one is huge - it's rated @ 1/2 the power consumption of the PS3 and it's it's PSU is bigger than an English house brick!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ed> Thanks for your input. I’ve been looking into LCD versus Plasma TVs and have found exactly what you say – Plasma uses 50 – 100W more than LCD.

  2. Ed says:

    These things matter.  Get yourself a “Plug-In Mains Power & Energy Monitor”.  I think the PS3 has a rather heavy internal power supply.

    Our UK ‘360 clocks in at 174 watts peak, 147 watts typical (~1 Watt when in standby).  By contrast, the Sony Bravia 40″ LCD is 153 Watts (also 1 watt in standby)

    By contrast, an 18 month old dual Xeon 3.2 with an X800XL was 185 watts and an Iiyama 22″ CRT was 107 Watts.  A cheapo (Dabs value?) 19″ LCD flat screen was 76 watts.

    Apparently plasma TVs are also real killers for electricity (compared with LCD)

  3. Steve Spence says:

    Indeed, we actually saw a noticeable difference in consumption swapping from a 43″ plasma UP to 50″ LCD…

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