How to make Vista look even cooler – here are some of the best third party add ons

Thanks to David Overton and James Senior for sharing the following...

If you want to see what people are doing out there to make our OS look even better, look at these:

(without modifying the OS)

3d cube based virtual desktop

Rotation based Flip 3D

Alternative to flip-3d (switcher)

Changing the screen saver settings

Changing the boot screen

Start++ - search tools from WDS in Vista

“clear” aero theme for Winblinds for Vista

vLite – image tweaking tool

Logon Screen changer (free from StarDock when released, part of Object Dock during beta): & skins

DreamScenes, Dream Maker and Dynamic Dreams – some free, some charged for, for Ultimate Users: and triggers in the “dreams”

Boot screen logo generator


(by modifying the OS)

Changing boot up screens

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Περιπλανώμενος στις ειδήσεις του έπεσε το μάτι μου σε ένα post που ονομάζοταν " How to

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget the windows sidebar styler.  It makes the sidebar look extremely sexy:


  3. exposè says:

    This is a cool Exposè for Windows Vista using Windows Presentation Foundation:

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