**Edited to correct broken link** Microsoft are writing Firefox plug ins!

The Port25 blog is the outlet of Microsoft's Open Source Software lab. It often includes interesting articles on topics I'd never expect to read about. Their remit is simple. Make it as easy as possible for other operating systems to integrate with Microsoft platforms.

Henk has posted a remarkable article about his first ten months at Microsoft including details of producing plug ins for Firefox! 

He explains about the autonomy enjoyed by all Microsoft employees including those that spend most of their time working on LINUX systems - i.e. those that work in our Open Source Software lab. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Laurence – I’ve fixed the link

  2. Laurence Sharp says:

    Hi Steve

    I’ve just tried connecting to the Port25 blog without any success – I’m getting a 404, page not found, error.



  3. Laurence Sharp says:

    Further to my earlier comment, the Port25 blog link fails, but the link to Hank’s blog works OK


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