What on Earth threat’s this shoe mitigating? Yet more Security Theatre

I couldn't quite believe it when I saw the following on sale in downtown Seattle!

How exactly do you convince the "security" staff at the airport that yes your shoe really isn't full of explosive and therefore you don't need to remove them? Hmmmmm

I can see that the shoe could mitigate the threat of cold wet sore feet but I can't see how that makes them aircraft friendly!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Stodge> I once wore sandles @ airport security and they made me take them off too – I suspect they’d have done the same for flip flops – no thought of what the threat may be.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How many airport security officers know what "semi-translucent" means?!

    No offence meant to any airport security officers who may read this blog & I do want to go home without any specially attentive searches!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is SOOO obvious that it is a MAGIC shoe that has some sort of property that your mundane mind does not percieve.  By its very essence, this shoe protects you and any aircraft that you touch with the aura of invincibility.  Therefore you should pay extra for this shoe….

    Uh, thats the marketing anyway….

    In reality, this shoe mitigates nothing, offers no visible advantage over any other kind of shoe other than offering security officers a dubious semi-translucent sole which I would probably more readily doubt because of its uniqueness….

  4. AdamV says:

    Surely it is ‘airport friendly’ in the sense that the comfy cushioned sole is ideal when you are left standing in huge queues of people waiting for the fingerprint / iris / DNA scanner to be repaired?

    In the case of UK airports, it is also great for those times when you have to sleep standing up just waiting for them to decide to actually let your flight leave on time.

    Maybe they could release a similar “Tube / Metro friendly” version which is not only comfortable for long journeys standing up, but has a surface finish which resists the dirt caused by the person next to you spilling their coffee over your toes before treading on them. And gum-resistant soles, of course.

  5. LeeH says:

    Maybe it’s because they’re very comfortable for standing around in the long lines for security in which we inevitably find ourselves passing our lives in these days.

    I can only think that there’s no metal in them to set off the detectors…?

  6. stodge says:

    I could sell you a pair of flip-flops for $5 – they’re definitely airport friendly AND you’ll look cool!


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