Would you like a free Suunto N3 SPOT watch? I have one which I’ll give to the first person who’s able to pick it up from me in Seattle

I have a single Suunto N3 SPOT watch which I'd like to give away - the only catch is that if you'd like it then you'll have to pick it up from me in downtown Seattle. The first person who's able to physically pick it up from me can have it.

The reason for the giveaway is that I can't use a SPOT watch back in the UK as it relies upon an FM radio signal for data updates which is currently only available in the USA. It's cool gadget and I'd rather that someone gets to use it rather than adding it to my collection of geek toys.

Microsoft's Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) based devices first hit the market back in 2004. They're interesting to me as they enable Internet based data to be presented to consumers on familiar devices including watches, fridges and even coffee makers. I even heard of a toaster that could burn (just slightly) the daily weather forcast onto your toast!

If you'd like the watch then email me - I only have one so if you'd like it then you'll need to act quickly.

Note: The image is hosted on Amazon's website - their pages include much more information and customer reviews of the device and of course you can buy one for yourself by clicking here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m out in Seattle all this week for our technical conference (TechReady). We run this event twice a

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s been quiet on my blog this week because I have been in Seattle for the twice yearly Geek-fest that

  3. Mike Stoddart says:

    No thanks, but if you have a nice Mac laptop you don’t want ….. 😉

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