What’s the World coming to? Trouble at the dump

I moved house @ the weekend and as a result wanted to get rid of some old stuff. I found the nearest rubbish dump and joined the queue. I sat in my car for fifteen minutes or so afterwhich I decided that I could end up waiting for a very long time so I left the queue @ the next opportunity.

I parked the car and picked up my junk and walked the 1/2 a mile or so to the dump. I was met by a refuse worker who told me that he couldn't let me walk into the facility. Apparently there'd been a fight earlier in the day due to someone else with initiative walking in and someone who'd been sat in the queue lost their temper - he actually punched the guy!!!!


It's hardly green forcing people to drive to the dump.

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  1. Mike Stoddart says:

    Why go to the dump? Just throw it over your old neighbour’s fence! 😉

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