So close to passing an assessment – time for Coffee and Porridge!

I came into the office early this morning to avoid the traffic and was rewarded with a nice quick easy journey. After responding to some email requests I decided to take on a piece of mandatory training. There's not a great deal of mandatory training at Microsoft and it's all online so it's pretty easy to complete. The best thing about the training is that we can take the assessment without taking the course - if we score over 80% then we can get on with our work.

The course in question today was for an area that I have experience in so I opted to take the assessment - I couldn't believe it when I scored 78% on my first attempt and then lower each time I tried! After several attempts I decided to go for a Coffee and some Porridge after which I may even consider reading the course material!

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  1. Mike Stoddart says:

    Porridge? Good god man, I’d forgotten that stuff even existed!


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