How to write good presentations

I’ve been working between Christmas and New Year catching up on a number of things including some research and learning from some recorded external sessions. The quality of the sessions varied both in terms of the technical content, the delivery and the slides themselves. James recently posted about slides slides and more slides in response to MichaelHyatt’s…


How to implement IPsec between LINUX and Windows Vista: Why use IPsec network security?

I discussed this very topic with several people whilst @ LUGRadioLive 2007 earlier this year – I’m glad to say that the testing is complete and you can save time when securing a mixed LINUX and Microsoft environment by reading the details for yourself.  Q)WHY use IPSec? A) IPsec provides the means to isolate your network…


Should you be entitled to privacy in a restaurant? What is the threat?

I went for a lovely meal yesterday with family and friends and was somewhat surprised to see the following sign on the wall – I have removed the third party’s contact details hence the blank areas: It wasn’t the most expensive restaurant on the planet but nor was it low rent either. I can’t for…


How to write games for the XBox360 – XNA Game Studio 2 is now available

The XNA Team Blog hosts the release details of XNA Game Studio 2 which they released on the 13th December – just in time for you to play with over the Christmas Holidays! I have enjoyed time playing several games on my 360 over recent days and I must say that my thoughts have been…


Problem caused by Flash Player – aargh – not a nice way to start the day

After a wonderful Christmas break I’m back at work and my plans to work from home have been scuppered by my Internet Service Provider (who shall remain un-named) – there’s a fault @ the exchange according to their help desk. It’s rather quiet in the office today. The up side is that I don’t need…


Are you being your family Help Desk?

You know how it is. You go to see family and friends over the holiday period, take a break from work, spend time with distant relations, and then find yourself fixing their PCs. I’m sure those that you help are more grateful than perhaps they may show. The YouTube video of a Medieval Helpdesk may…


Have a Wonderful Holiday and if you’re Christian – Merry Christmas too!

Click here to see the Evangelist Elfs dance! – remember to turn the sound on first! Sadly Viral’s image consultant informed us that he would not be able to join in the Elf fun as it was like so uncool. The characters are yours truely, James, Eileen and Andrew. It’s a Christmas Mashup! I’ve taken the…


Microsoft OneCare anti-virus has passed the latest VB100 test

You may remember the headlines undermining the anti-virus capabilities of Microsoft OneCare several months ago due to it failing the VB100 test. I’m glad to be able to say that this time around OneCare passed the test. You can read more in vnunet’s article.Full details are available on the Virus Bulletin site.


Microsoft release source code to Tafita – it’s Open Source!

The Windows Live Search blog announced moments ago that the source code to Tafita has been released to Codeplex meaning that “any developer can download, modify, and resell the code (see MS-PL License for all the details).” Tafita is a favourite of Eileen’s as it provides a visual way to view Internet search results making…


What are the UK trends in the corporate use of Social Networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace?

Microsoft recently surveyed nearly four hundred IT Professionals to find out their approaches to Social Networking. You can view the full results here. I think the findings are interesting as the results suggest that social networking sites are more popular with IT Pros than end users by a factor of nearly two to one. 40%…