Windows vista has been released to manufacture at long last!

I'm delighted to be able to post the great news (for Windows fans at least!) that Windows Vista was released to manufacture just a few short hours ago!

Windows Vista logo and backdrop

RTM for Windows Vista & 2007 Office System is a big deal as it means the code is now finalised and ready for use. According to Jim Allchin (the VP responsible for Windows Vista) general availability will be from the 30th January 2007.

Jim posted the announcement to the Windows Vista Team Blog.

I've been running the final code in production for a little while and can confirm it's head and shoulders above the quality of the test releases including RC1 & 2.

Robert's post includes a link to Jim's (very short) "launch video" that was posted on Soapbox signifying the launch. He also shared the link to his blogcast interview with Jim.

Q) Why do we have to wait until 30th January?

A) Read the last paragraph of the release post to learn more. If you're an enterprise customer then you'll be able to use the software sooner, consumers and other business users need to wait until DVDs are pressed and our partners are ready to distribute the media.

I'm sure you'll see many other blog posts announcing the release - as it's only a few hours ago there aren't that many. I like James Senior's post Windows Vista - it's time and bizarrely the OSX Emulation site's announcement too which includes a link to the official Windows Vista RTM Q&A

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  1. micaman says:

    Congrats to everyone at Microsoft!

    This is great news for all of the technology sector. I have been completely impressed with RC1 & RC2, but have always known that the real Vista would shine. My vistors have asked a lot of questions about Vista and have been mostly impressed with it, too.  

    Now, if we could get a little longer support out of Microsoft for XP, life would be great!

    Thanks for the posting!  

  2. Steve Lamb says:

    micaman> Glad to be of service. I can’t believe that you’re experiencing stores telling such fibs.

  3. micaman says:

    When I posted my comments, I was under the impression that XP Home was ending in 08, XP Pro a year or two later and XP Media 2005 would be the longest version supported.

    I have since looked around the Microsoft site and found the life cycle for license and the life policy, which I now take to mean that all versions will be updated for ten years after they become generally available. So Windows XP Pro & Home would be 2012, with XP Media 2005 being supported until 2015.

    If this is correct then I am quite happy and I think that it is really awesome! I guess you could understand my comment better considering how close 2008 is.

    Can you verify this information so it could be clarified? Either way, this posting has made me research the subject.

    Thanks for taking the time to blog about Microsoft, as I have enjoyed reading through your archives.    

  4. Steve Lamb says:

    Dude how much more XP support do you want – there’s YEARS to go still!

  5. Steve Lamb says:

    Micraman> ‘Tis true that we’ll support for 10 years – I make that 2010.

  6. micaman says:

    Cool! 🙂

    2010 makes perfect sense and it will bring a lot of relief to the ones who enjoy XP. You would not believe the stuff I am told about the big box stores, office suppy chains and the like, telling consumers that XP home is near over and ‘that’ is the reason nearly all of the laptops and smaller-to-mid-range desktop models run XP Media nowadays.

    I give out a lot of recommendations on what brands/models to buy and this will help me clarify things. And as a system builder of desktop models, I use XP home, XP Pro or Vista – nothing more. I love XP Media for home entertainment units and such, just not for home/office use.

    Anyway, thanks again for discussing XP. And yes, Microsoft Windows Vista is excellent!    


  7. nik says:

    Big pat on the back to the team, look forward to the release

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