How to make time for blogging

Thanks to Hugh for posting about PhilTube.


In particular there's a great sketch depicting a guy trying to make time for blogging - now clearly it's a bit of fun but many people tell me that while they'd like to blog that they just don't have the time.

The folks at Sellsius posted a nice introduction to PhilTube too that included a term that made me smile - Blogoholic. Their definition is cool and it reminded me of a recent (in the UK at least) episode of SouthPark which was all about Hybrid cars - they talked about "smug" (rather than Smog) covering the United States due to the owners of Hybrid cars making bragging about how their green credentials.

I advocate spending less time sending individual emails to your customers/clients and think about how you can phrase responses to questions in such a way that you can share them via your blog.

Another good tip is to focus on posting little and often. So many new bloggers seem to feel the need to write lengthy articles - they start of with the best of intentions but quickly reality catches up with them and the result it that posts are rarely published and the blog becomes "another job" rather than something that generates results and a sense of connection with your audience.

I wish I could spend more time myself working with communities and both reading blogs and writing my own and as with most good things there's never enough time but getting results (i.e. connecting with an audience) makes it worthwhile reducing the time spent on email as it has a far greater impact in my experience. 

The video I mentioned earlier is quite entertaining and may strike a chord with those of you who've tried getting into blogging but given up due to lack of time.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like this tip about leaving the office on time. I got it from the Microsoft at work newsletter that

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