how to ensure that your applications are compatible with windows vista

The MSDN site includes a really handy Windows Vista Application Compatiblity Cookbook which can take the pain out of porting your applications to Vista.

As many developers have already found, Windows Vista provides a wealth of enhanced security features and functions. The Cookbook takes you through the new operating system step by step enabling you to understand the implications of features including User Account Control (least privilege) and the new TCP/IP stack.

If you write code for Windows or manage those who do this guide is well worth a look.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW! That is some serious information. Thanks so much for providing the link. I think this will help me sort some things out with my security software that I started work on in 2003 for XP. I hope to get it working with Vista as a Maintenance program, since it doesn’t need the security features.

    The link will provide many hours of entertainment for me – to say the least.  

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