If you’re in Newcastle (England) today and would like to talk about security then come and meet the GetSafeOnline team

GetSafeOnline is a partnership between Government, Law Enforcement and Commerce - in excess of fifty people have volunteered our time to get out on the road for a week. Our focus is to raise the security awareness of the UK consumers so if you have a friend / relative who would like practical advice then they're very welcome too. The website is an excellent resource as it provides unbiased guidance for non-technical (i.e. real) people for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and LINUX/UNIX systems. No one's pushing products or services and the site links to free anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-anythingnasty software.

For those of you outside the UK the GetSafeOnline website should provide useful advice for the general public. If you know of similar sites in your geography then please comment on this post with the details as I'd like to share them.

We'll be in the following locations today in Newcastle and would welcome you to come over for a chat:

  • MetroCentre all day (until 9pm)

  • The Hadrian Square UK Online Centre for most of the day

  • Age Concern @ Mea House at 11:30am

There's also a team in Cardiff who are doing much the same - they're the "b team!".

We're in Glasgow tomorrow - if you'd like to join us either today or tomorrow then please feel free to

call me on +44 7812 980 621.

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    Virtual TechEd is now live. TechEd ITForum is sold out and has been for a couple of weeks now, so if

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