Windows Live Writer is small, simple and powerful – if only I’d tried it sooner!

Eileen blogged about Live Writer back in August and together with James has been gently suggesting that I should give it a whirl (try it). It's a really nice way to write blog posts that lends itself to both online AND offline editing. Several times over the last couple of years I've lost posts due to an intermittent network connection when posting directly to the Internet - this is now a thing of the past.

I've used Microsoft Live Writer for the last few posts and have found it to be a delight to use.

The Windows Liver Writer blog gives a great introduction to this WYSIWYG blog editor.

Click here to download a free copy - it's a link to the Microsoft Installer Package hence those of you who are running their system with least privilege will need to save it and then use your administrative credentials to install it.

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