Who Will yahoo buy now that Google have announced their purchase of youtube?

Eileen's watching the news feeds regarding the announcement that Goole intend to buy YouTube. As she asks I wonder whether Yahoo will follow suit and buy a high profile video media site to increase the attention their advertising stream receives.

The staggering growth in traffic to many of the video media sites is clearly appealing to those wishing to post adverts. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough if such a move takes place...

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  1. Andrew Lamb says:

    Unfortunately (for most, if not all involved in such mergers) most of YouTube’s (And others) success is down to the sharing of copywrited material: we’re back to the argument over whether the technology is to blame and who is responsible for its use, but the fact remains that the owners are the ones first in line when the court orders appear.

    About the only implementation that i’ve seen that comes close to staying clean and safe is MySpace, but how much of that is down to site staff sifting out the infringing material?  That’s a time will tell one me thinks….

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