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As James mentions we're back on the road eleven months after last year's GetSafeOnline launch. This week marks the start of the second year in a three year campaign where we share simple steps to help UK consumers protect themselves and safely enjoy the Internet.

The purpose of this week's activity is to get out and meet people to help them understand why and how to stay safe online. There are two tours - one in the South of the UK and one in the North - each team will visit a different city each day so it will be a busy week.

We're all volunteers from both government and commercial organisations. Some people will join the tour for a single City, some for the entire tour. We start off with a briefing at 9pm to discuss activities for the following day - the first one's tonight. I'm writing this post from a hotel room in Sheffield and will end up in Glasgow on Friday. The Southern tour commences in Nottingham tonight and works it's way South.

The GetSafeOnline website provides a wealth of information to help consumers protect themselves - it's not trying to sell anything and offers common sense non-technical advice including links to free anti-virus and personal firewall software. The website  was designed specifically to appeal to consumers rather than techies. It provides advice for Microsoft Windows platforms together with Applie Mac and LINUX.

If you'd like to help and are in the UK then please feel free to call me on 07812 980621. The content on the website should be useful to those of you who live and work further afield.

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