Here’s a nice explaination of why patchguard prevents Windows Vista from being hooked

Jesper Johansson’s post Microsoft blog includes an nice concise explaination of WHAT PatchGuard does AND why it’s important for Windows Vista (and Server 2003 SP1 on 64 bit) to prevent the kernel from being hooked. Reading Jesper’s post titled “Security Vendors: Microsoft is making Vista too secure” together with the vibrant debate in the comments…


Windows Vista Gadgets are cool – I’ve just found a great one for Windsurfers

Windows Vista’s Gadgets provide a cool way to customise your desktop with handy tools and information feeds. I’m an enthusiastic Windsurfer so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across WindGuru’s windspeed gadget. It’s cool because the gadget can be configured (via a pull down menu) to provide details for my local Windsurf spot….


Why on earth do some people think that biometrics are a form of authentication?

Steve Riley’s recent post links to a Myth Busters demonstration of three different techniques to beat an “Unbreakable” biometric door lock. I presume that the best practise advice from the lock’s manufacturer recommended including a form of authentication such as a PIN to compliment the biometric device. The Mythbusters video itself is pretty compelling -…


How to burn an ISO image onto a CD – how to upgrade your computer’s BIOS

There are a wealth of third party CD Burning utilities out there on the market though not everyone has one on their machine. Windows XP can natively burn files to CD without any additional software HOWEVER it can’t create a bootable CD. I’m upgrading the BIOS on my machine to enable me to install Windows…


Talks about Windows Vista Security and how to defeat Malware in Edinburgh in November

The Business Technology Alliance User Group are a very active community based in Scotland. On the 29th November 2006 there will be an evening of technical discussion no doubt including intense technical debate at Microsoft’s Offices in Edinburgh. The event is free for all to attend – all the User Group asks is that you…


Alun Rogers of the IT Pro Security User Group will be speaking @ NxtGenUG’s Halloween Spooktacular 2 next week

Join Alun and the folk from the NxtGenUG on Monday 30th October in Birmingham (England!) for a talk about how to deal with Viruses and Malware. Click here to read the details for yourself. Last year’s gathering was really good fun and included a technical debate where just about everyone there expressed an opinion or…


Blimey – the team at Microsoft Research (MSR) in Cambridge are smart!

I’m working at Microsoft Research (MSR) in Cambridge today and am staggered by the incredibly complicated formulae and associated calulations on the wall behind me. I studied Mathematics as part of my degree many years ago but I can’t make any sense of what’s written on the white board behind me. It’s rather humbling. Perhaps…


If you’re in Newcastle (England) today and would like to talk about security then come and meet the GetSafeOnline team

GetSafeOnline is a partnership between Government, Law Enforcement and Commerce – in excess of fifty people have volunteered our time to get out on the road for a week. Our focus is to raise the security awareness of the UK consumers so if you have a friend / relative who would like practical advice then they’re very welcome too….


embrace ‘the virtual side’! it’s an interesting source of information about teched emea

  In the run up to TechEd EMEA we’re posting video interviews and other interesting information taking you behind the scenes. The site will also be a good resource for those of you who can’t join us at the event itself as we’ll be filming interviews with both speakers and people who attend the sessions….