Ed Gibson’s On The Road speaking at five locations around the UK – he’s a really interesting Security Speaker

I'm proud to announce the 'Ed Gibson "On The Road"' Events which will take place mid-September to mid-October 2006 at 5 venues around the country.   The aim of the events are to raise awareness of the issues surrounding computer security, specifically Organised Crime and Hacking and also to raise the awareness amongst the Business and Developer communities of Developer and IT Pro User Groups and how they can help instruct and inform developers and managers about new technologies and other issues such as security. 

The headline speaker is Ed Gibson who's Microsoft UK's Chief Security Advisor.  Ed is an ex-FBI agent and delivers a fascinating talk on his experiences and views on security in the IT world and how to combat organised crime on the Internet.  Other speakers from the IT industry will offer alternative or differing views on computer security and the event will end with an hour long 'panel discussion' with question and answers.  

For more information and a full list of speakers please go to:

These events promise to be exciting, informative, thought provoking and above all memorable and what's more it is completely FREE!  Places are limited so make sure you register your interest soonest at http://www.edgibsonontheroad.net or enquiries@edgibsonontheroad.net

This event is being organized and run by The Next Generation User Group (http://www.nxtgenug.net) and Scottish Developers (http://www.scottishdevelopers.com)  in association with Aston Science Park and iCentrum.

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  1. Yvonne Seymour says:

    I have heard Mr. Gibson present on a numer of occassions and have found him to possess a unique, and probably the best, holistic view of cyber activity on the Internet and why.  Given his past experience as a Diplomat when assigned to the US Embassy in London, as an FBI Agent in charge of all FBI cyber investigations in the UK and Ireland, and his exemplary liaisison / people skills, it is little wonder why his views are being listened to by most senior gov’t officials and industry leaders.  Get him to tell you the ‘come and get me’ anecdote – a most insightful overview of why law enforcement, laws, and governments are not able to ‘manage’ crime on the net.  I think he should run for political office.

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