The latest internal build of Windows Vista is REALLY GOOD

It's a significant improvement over the last Community Technology Preview (CTP) - i.e. that which is available to MSDN & TechNet subscribers. It's not had the same level of testing hence it's not suitable for you to play with and we're getting really close to Release Candidate stage.

For those of you who are desparate for news and may have wondered about the performance of the CTPs I can assure you that the most recent version wizzes along compared to anything you've seen.

It's quite strange @ Microsoft at the moment as many of the technical people I work with in the UK seem obsessed with which build version of both Windows Vista and 2007 Office System they're running. We quote build numbers at each other all the time. This reminds me on the odd day that I wonder whether I'm really a true geek that in fact I'll never truely fit in "on the outside"!

I'm running build 5536 of Windows Vista - it's so much better than previous builds - 5520 was noticably better than before, 5536 is even better.

The Technical Refresh of 2007 Office System Beta 2 looks good too. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Around the office loads of people have been saying the pretty much same thing… and before the…

  2. We’re all excited about the soon-to-be Vista RC1, All I can say is the sooner the better. I’ve been following the TechNet blogs for so long now reading about what builds of Vista and Office you lucky folks get your hands on almost weekly. As soon as RC1 of Vista hits TechNet I am going to be all over it.

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