KUDOS to James for the nice intro to Taking Microsoft – I’d love to hear your suggestions for people you’d like us to interview

James wrote a great introduction to Talking Microsoft and I'm glad to see that folk out there in IT Pro land are starting to talk about this new resource which takes you behind the scenes at Microsoft Ltd. Our aim is to connect you to the people that make decisions about the software and services we provide to you. 

In-Cider knowledgeGeek in Disguise are already sharing their views on Talking Microsoft.

Ideally we'd like your feedback and suggestions to enable us to interview people YOU find interesting and ask them the QUESTIONS that you'd ask if you were able to wander into their (open plan) office (area) as we can.

...and of course due to the wonders of the Internet I stumbled across an entirely different "Talking Microsoft" post...anyone remember Microsoft Barney?

Sick bags @ the ready - click on the image below and then hit the play icon on Dvorak's website just below the image - the play icon below won't play it. Thanks to Dvorak for his entertaining (depending upon your sense of humour) post.


Comments (2)

  1. MvT Cracker says:

    I would like you to interview Rich Davies and have a video tour of the SPOT team’s office  

  2. Steve Lamb says:

    Great suggestion – I just need to find someone to pay for me to fly to the USA! I’ll see if I can ask someone local to Rich to video an interview for us.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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