Thanks to everyone that took part in LUGRadio Live 2006 – a huge LINUX User Group event

It was brilliant to see over four hundred people taking part in the UK's largest LINUX User Group get together. As you'd imaging there was plenty of debating the finer points of all areas of Open Source development and applications.

LUGRadio was billed to me as being the community version of LINUX World - no suits, no vendors pushing products, just straight talking techies. I think that's a fair description.

The "Four Large Gents" (Beard, Angry, Bald plus the one I've forgotten the name of!) made the event both entertaining and together with their helpers (the crew - all volunteers) ensured a smooth running event.

I spoke about embracing the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) together with techniques for securely integrating both Microsoft and LINUX systems. I've shared my slides with Jono (Beard) who informs me that they'll be available for download shortly from the LUGRadio site.

There are plenty of pictures up on Flickr including the following one (thanks to PortSeven for this one):

I particularly liked the "Low Tech WIKI" (image thanks to Laszlok)

It was wierd being the only representative of a Commercial Software House and I did start my talk by asking whether anyone had any fruit or veg with them - thankfully everyone was really friendly.

Something that was particularly good was that the questions posed by the audience during the live Q&A were very techical and well informed - it's much more fun than when people pull their punches.

The excellent Port25 blog is a great place to find out much more about how to get the most from a mixed Microsoft and LINUX environment.

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