Fancy Winning an Xbox 360? Do you have what it takes to prove that you’re a TechNet Supremo?

OK so this is clearly a "Marketing thing" but it's aim is pure and simple - to encourage people to browse the wealth of information on TechNet to help everyone get the most from the features of our products.

The competition is free to enter and the overall winner will receive an XBox 360. The four runners up will each receive a Creative Zen MP3 Player.

The quiz covers a wide variety of infrastructure topics including of course Security and Interoperability - I wrote those questions 🙂

If you'd like to play simply click on either the image above or TechNet Trevor - you only have to answer ten questions - the interesting part is that it's against the clock.

There's a high score table too so you can rate yourself against the top players.

Comments (5)

  1. Mark says:

    How on earth did that guy score 1181…he must have been sooooo fast!!

  2. Scotty says:

    As a Vista (5456.0) user I did have to laugh that I do not have a browser meeting the W3 standards at a sufficient level to play the game.

  3. Steve Lamb says:

    Hi Scotty,

    I haven’t tried it on that build – it works OK on 5384.

    What error did you get?

  4. LeeM says:

    In answer to Mark’s question – lots of fast reading and mouse clicking, though having checked last night I have now been beaten with a 1182 which I feel may be unbeatable 🙁  Just have to hope I can hold in 2nd for an MP3 player.

    It’s a shame that this was launched with such a small range of questions – if there were more then there would have been a real challenge to remember all the answers to beat the clock, however from what I can tell there are only about 20 or so questions.  So it is all down to reaction times.

  5. Steve Lamb says:

    Lee> That’s a pretty good score! There are more questions than you think as I submitted 40 myself (covering Security and UNIX/Interop) though they didn’t all make the cut.

    Thanks for your feedback. We are going to post further questions in future competitions so don’t panic – there’ll be plenty of chance for you to win in the future.

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