Here are links to follow-up information referenced in yesterday’s TechNet Security Summit

Thanks to everyone who join us yesterday for our TechNet Security Summit in London. In particular thanks to Kim Cameron with demonstrations from David Brown and Charles who explained Microsoft's ethos and details for Identity Management. One thing that will stay with me in particular was Kim's statement that "InfoCard IS NOT the Son of Passport". I don't have anything against Passport myself but it breaks several Rules of Identity as the user is not in control of their identity and the Passport system is a required participant in the authentication of a user to a service provider.

Jason Langridge presented and demonstrated how to secure mobile devices - Mr Mobile certainly brought plenty of toys with him!

I presented and demonstrated Security Configuration Wizard and referenced a series of SCW blogcasts that you can access to see how it can be used to dramatically reduce your attack surface.  

We closed the programme with a session on Windows Vista Security - in response to your feedback we'll host a series of future sessions on this topic.

Please feel free to post comments to this entry to give feedback as it's helpful for us to improve future sessions.

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