Announcing Internet Explorer 7+ for Windows Vista

Windows Internet Explorer 7+

The IE Team blog have announced that Internet Explorer running on Windows Vista will be known as Internet Explorer 7+ (IE 7+) to distinguish it from IE 7 on Windows XP.

This makes sense to me as the prime additional feature of Internet Explorer on Windows Vista is "protected mode" - this means that by default IE runs with less privilege than the standard user hence it's much less likely to be a route in for security exploits.

All other security features (that I can think of) of IE 7 are available to users on Windows XP including the anti-Phishing filter and much clearer security dialog messages which make it easier for regular (i.e non-technical, non-security expert) users to make sense of what's safe and what's dangerous.

Click here to read about the new security features of IE 7(+) including a video interview by some of the development team

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