Introducing the idea of a "JourneyThrough" a new technology

"JourneyThrough" is a term I made up last week to signify a way of linking a series of blog entries to take the reader on a journey to introduce a new technology. The idea being that the audience may be entirely new to a technology (in the dark) and that the blog entries could guide (along the tracks) the reader to learn how it works (enlightenment).

I started with a JourneyThrough Network Access Protection (NAP) as it's a new feature of Windows Vista (and "Longhorn Server") hence is unfamiliar to the majority of people.

Over the coming weeks I'll post a series of related entries each of which will be tagged "JourneyThrough: Network Access Protection" - in combination they'll form a kind of piecemeal training course.

Thanks to WillieWonker for the image - his site contains many wonderful images.

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