Directions to the TechNet and MSDN Roadshow in Birmingham

If you're planning to join either TechNet or MSDN @ our Technical Roadshow in Birmingham this week (Tuesday is Infrastructure day, Wednesday is Developer day) then I recommend considering the Train as your means of transport if you're travelling from London.

I'm not a "Green Freak" though I have ordered a Hybrid car to replace my Saab Turbo as it's fun to drive (believe it or not!), is high-tech and has less than 50% the CO2 emmisions of my current car (Saab 93 Aero).

The train makes sense for my journey as Birmingham Internation Station is less than a mile away from the Venue - the National Motorcycle Museum.

The map shown below was taken from streetmap which I find to be a very useful resource:

As you can see I've subtly annotated the map with a nice(!) green pen to show where the station and venue are located.

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  1. Matt Dickins says:

    Good work on the Hybrid front.

    I’ll be at the Bristol one, hotel booked, transport booked + bringing a friend. I truly hate trains, London to Bristol was going to be costing me over a hundred pounds so I’ve booked a National Express Coach… £4!!!

  2. peewitsol says:

    Steve, some general info for when people arrive at Birmingham International Station.

    Taxi fare to Motorcycle Museum is about £6 !! so if people buddied up into 4’s or 5’s, it makes sense, as it is more economical and there are only about half a dozen taxi’s ( black cab’s ) permanently stationed at B’ham International ( no pun intended ).

    Walking to the Museum from the Station is a no, no really, as you have to cross “or try to cross” 3 sliproads to the M6 and some parts of the route have NO pavement.

    For the real Cheapskates !!.

    When you get on the concourse at B’ham International, jump on the monorail ( it’s free ) to B’ham airport ( journey time 2 mins ) exit the airport and find the bus stop for the Travel West Midlands Bus # 900 going to Coventry NOT heading to Birmingham

    BIRMINGHAM AIRPORT   08:15     08:35     08:55     08:55     09:20     09:25     09:45     10:05     10:01

    Tell the driver you need to get off at Motorcycle museum and he’ll tell you when you reach the stop ( journey time 13 minutes ) price £1.20p

    A Brummie

  3. Hmmm – so much for the Golf GTi 🙂 Sounds very ecologically correct though – a good choice, I’m sure. It probably makes up for me adding another couple of litres to the engine size in my state-side car as compared to my Golf over there – blimey, they don’t do 1100cc’s over here, that’s for sure (except on mopeds).

  4. Steve Lamb says:

    Hi John> As you know I LOVED the Golf GTI. The PRIUS is more fun that you’d think and I love the high tech interface including voice commands, 1/4 inch jack for personal music player, 410Nm of torque (up to 28 Mhp).

    I’m getting rather environmentally enthused these days. My Saab emits > 240g CO2 compared to 104g on the PRIUS!

    Finally there’s the difference in company car tax – there’s > £250 difference between the Golf GTI and the PRIUS. I didn’t like the regular Golfs so the GTI was the only one I was interested in.

    Another benefit of the PRIUS is that I don’t have to worry about loosing my license – the Golf’s just too tempting to go faster than I should ;-(

    I’m seriously considering buying a V8 Range Rover in a few years JUST FOR OFF ROADING – I’ll try to tow it on a trailer to and from events assuming the PRIUS has the grunt.

  5. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Steve,
    I didn’t know you were a 9-3 driver too.  Shows good taste 😉

    Although I can’t afford the Aero – I got a Saab 9-3 Vector Sport 1.9TiD 150 SportWagon last November and I love it.  It would be a bit of a comedown after the 2.8 V6 Aero, so when you’ve got tired of the Prius (1.5 litre petrol engine… and fun… are you really sure?) maybe that’s a way back into the Saab fold – it’s still got 150 horses (100 less than the Aero but twice the Prius), it’s a great car to drive, and the emissions are not too bad all things considered – 159g/km vs. 104 for the Prius and 250 for the Aero.

    BTW, Saab are offering BioPower on the 9-5 (but not the 9-3 yet) check out .


  6. Steve Lamb says:

    Hi Mark> Good to see you @ the Roadshow event yesterday 🙂

    I was hoping the BioPower would hit the 9-3 soon but couldn’t wait any longer and don’t like the chassis on the 9-5.

    The Prius sounds a bit mad for a Petrol head BUT it does have 50Bhp equivalent from the Electric motor (which remains charged much of the time in my experience on a 48 hour test drive) and 67Bhp from the 1.5 litre petrol – so all in all it’s not bad.

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