How to improve the level of assurity in your Windows System integriry and data integrity – Windows Vista’s Bitlocker feature

The most popular area of discussion I experience regarding Microsoft @ InfoSec related to Bitlocker (a feature of the high-end SKUs of Windows Vista) - formerly known as Full Volume Encryption and Secure Startup.

There's some interesting discussion in the blogosphere. *** Edited to fix broken link ***

If you aren't familiar with Bitlocker then read this if you get a mo(ment)

Do you think Bitlocker will be useful in YOUR production environment - your comments are appreciated.

Comments (2)

  1. Richard Brand says:


    Your link to "interesting discussion in the blogosphere." has one to many http’s, which stops ot from working.

    Nice blog btw – from a regular reader.

  2. susan says:

    Remind folks that Vista’s bitlocker is ONLY available for Software Assurance customers

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