What’s your view of multi-factor authentication?

Steve Riley's looking for your feedback on what works for you - please browse to here and give him your comments.

I like smart cards and wouldn’t dream of accessing sensitive information on a machine that isn't managed by someone I trust. I don’t like “blinkin’ tokens” as they encourage people to authenticate from unmanaged machines.

What do you think?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Andy made an interesting comment regarding his interest in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware…

  2. Andy McKnight says:

    We’re opening a new site 4th quarter this year / 1st quarter next year and will need to do the IT from scratch.  I’ve been looking at this over the past couple of months.  We’ve been running biometrics (fingerprint) for a couple of years on certain systems without too many problems.  It may not be perfect but it’s better than just a password 🙂

    On a slightly different topic, I’m lookiing at a TPM based solution for managing the data access also.  Guys such as Wave seem to be doing this really well.

  3. Steve Lamb says:

    Andy> Thanks for your input. I wrote another post to answer it:

    By all means hit the comment button on that two. What’s the "Wave" implementation of TPM? Any good?

  4. Andy McKnight says:

    Yes, it seems to be.  I first saw the Wave Systems option as part of the Dell Technology tour last year.  They’re partnered with Dell supplying software to make the most out of the new TPM chips being shipped in certain Dell desktop/notebook ranges.  It’s an enterprise solution that seems fully-featured though I’ve yet to see it actually running.

    I hadn’t heard anything regarding Bitlocker, I’ll spend some time reading up on this.  Will this be covered at all during the Vista session of the Technet Roadshow this year?

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