Join Rafal for a free event covering Identity Management

Browse here to register for Rafal's free event - it's running in the UK (Reading) on the 17th May. Rafal's frequently the top rated security speaker at TechEd and IT Forum.

The event is described as follows:

"“A typical corporate user spends an average of 16 minutes a day just logging on”.  At this seminar, we share with you how you can remove one of the fastest growing headaches of IT operations.

Most enterprises have reached a point of identity crisis: they manage too many incompatible identity directories and access management systems for comfort, with the business agility suffering in consequence. Identity Lifecycle Management and Access Management are not simple, but if done well they can increase efficiency and security and reduce the total cost of ownership.  This TechNet Seminar, by Rafal Lukawiecki, provides an overview of all the key elements of a working solution, including a look at the Microsoft Identity Integration Server, Active Directory Federation Services, Authorization Manager, Strong Authentication, Biometrics, Smartcards, and Identity Metasystem vision.

This Seminar aims to ensure that all attendees understand the breadth of identify management and will explode the myths of this field of IT. As a result of attending this seminar, you should be in a position to start planning their IAM deployments, thus helping your organisation become more efficient and secure."

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    Following Rafal’s excellent Identity Management event in Reading today many people asked when they could…

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