Create a Muglet and brighten others days :-) Read this to see mine dance thanks to the Mobile and Embedded DevCon site


If you'd like to see my Muglet dance and enjoy the "music" (that term's stretching it somewhat!) then click here

Thanks to Eileen for blogging about the Mobile and Embedded DevCon - that's where the Muglet creating site came from. You can create your own Muglet - it's really easy - just click here - it only takes a couple of mintues. I'm sure we'd all love to go to 'Vegas to join the conference but time and money may not be conducive ;-( At least we can have some fun by creating and sharing our Muglets 🙂


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  1. Matt Dickins says:

    Steve that truly is disgusting! I saw one of those on Rory Blyth’s site a few weeks back and truly hoped I never saw one again. It reminds me of the awful latest episode of the code room.

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