How to make sense of PKI and reduce the impact of Malware Spyware and Viruses

The following events are taking place at our offices in Reading (UK) - in true TechNet fashion the events are free to attend and will give you technical guidance showing you how to apply these important technologies. Bring your questions and look forward to sharing experience with your peers.

We ran a PKI event back in November following requests from many IT Pros - we're re-running the event this month for those of you in the UK who couldn't make the first one. In March we'll run a follow-on session that will show you how to implement various PKI solutions for yourself.

If you can pursuade your users to run their systems with low privilege accounts then the liklihood of Malware Spyware and Viruses damaging their systems will be dramatically reduced. Windows Vista adopts the low privilege approach from the outset - this will help going forward though right now we need to make the most of Windows XP - our TechNet session will show you how to run Windows XP with less privilege.

Full details of the sessions can be accessed by clicking on the links shown below:

23 February, Reading: Public Key Infrastructure - What is this and how does it work?
This event is being run due to popular demand. Steve will take you through this technology in plain English and then do some deep technical demos so you can really understand how to use PKI successfully and avoid the pitfalls! From your feedback, there will be more demos and fewer slides than at the last event so sign up now as places are limited and from experience, this event will fill fast!

2nd March, Reading: Using Least Privilege to reduce your security exposure
Far too many people login with Administrator privileged accounts to perform day to day operations on their computer systems. The consequence is that it's easy damage systems either inadvertently or by triggering malicious software. It's one thing to accept that it's a good idea to use the minimum amount of privilege on a system, it's quite another to adopt this principle in the real world. Windows Vista includes a number of functional changes to make this easier however none of us are running it in production hence we'll focus on ways to operate Windows XP for more of the time without administrative privileges.

28 March, Reading: Public Key Infrastructure - Deep Dive PKI session SHOWING you how to embrace PKI
This PKI Event Builds on the event held on the 23rd Feb 06 where we ran through the basics of how to use PKI through practical demonstrations. This event will take you to the next level and will demonstrate how to securely publish your web server using ISA and PKI. Steve will be running demos based on real life scenarios so this will be a great way for you to really understand how you can implement this technology for yourselves!

Comments (2)

  1. Juan says:

    What happened with other countries people? 🙁 This sound good

  2. Steve Lamb says:

    Juan> If only it was easier for all of us to get together to share ideas in person. I know many readers of my blog are located outside the UK and try to bear than in mind when talking about events.

    There are many other evangelists out there around the world who share the goal of helping IT Pros to be more effective.

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