What to do when you’re presenting and are running out of time?

If you ever give presentations I'm sure you've experienced the problem of having far to much to say in the allocated time. You perhaps practise the talk to get the timings right and then in the heat of the moment find yourself adding annecdotes and extra content OR spend time answering questions. It's very easy to find yourself with too many slides left to present. Experience and discipline help with time management whilst presenting but sometimes you may need a way to shorten your talk gracefully.

This is not something new but it was news to me and hence I'm sharing it in case you're not aware of it. YOU CAN PRESS THE "End" KEY whilst presenting to bring up the last slide. If you structure your presentation so that the most important information is at the start of the slide deck then you can hit "end" to bring up your closing slide.

Comments (3)

  1. HansVB says:

    Another trick is to type the number of the slide and press enter.

    So if you remember where your agenda or topics slides are you can skip one without making it too obvious.

  2. gchastne says:

    If you didn’t know that am I right in assuming that you also don’t know that while you were in a resentation you can type a number, press enter and jump to that slide.

  3. Steve Lamb says:

    Thanks for the helpful hints

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