Irritating Update manager – how not to apply security updates

I use a popular third party application which has recently offered to keep itself up to date with security updates – this is a good start. Sadly that’s about the only good thing about it as whilst the Update Manager installs updates it leaves a progress window on the screen which can’t be minimised -…


It’s ready people – exchange 2007 has been released to manufacture

After much waiting it’s finally here – Microsoft Exchange 2007 was Released to Manufacture (RTM) on Friday 8th December 2007. It will be appearing on the TechNet Plus (and MSDN) subscriber download area soon. The release announcement is available here. For me the coolest feature of Exchange 2007 is the integration with Live Communications Server giving Unified…


LINUX enthusiasts host podcast about windows vista!

Note: There are some swear words in the podcast so please don’t follow the link if you’re likely to be offended. Thanks again to James and Andy from Stikkit Technology for inviting me to join their podcast to talk about security for Microsoft systems – it was an enjoyable experience though somewhat surreal. Stikkit Technology…


Join us for an entire day of Vista, Exchange and Office demos at the UK IT PRO Launch

12th December 2006. Thames Valley Park. Free. Limited places. A whole day of demos. Two servers with quad CPU and 8 Gb of RAM. Did I mention loads and loads of back to back demos? Be there or be still living in Windows XP and Office System 2003. Do it. You know you want to….


Second Life’s grey goo attack was the biggest in-game worm to date

Steve Horne wrote a thought provoking post about being locked out of Second Life due to the Grey Goo attack. Slashdot’s post explained pretty clearly what happened as follows: “Spinning gold rings began to appear in the air and on the ground, and as users interacted with them they began to chase and replicate. Apparently,…


What is forefront client security and how will it protect my enterprise from malware?

Forefront Client Security is one of the expanding range of Microsoft Forefront Security products. It’s aim is to provide enterprises with the means to centrally define and measure compliance to an anti-malware policy. Specifically Forefront Client Security protects against Worms, Viruses and to some extent Rootkits too. There’s a video showing the product in use…


How to share printers between Windows and LINUX systems

For those of you who struggle to make your Microsoft Windows and LINUX systems “play nicely with each other” I can highly recommend reading a recent post on Microsoft’s Open Source Lab blog which is named Port25. For those of you who struggle to make your Microsoft Windows and LINUX systems “play nicely with each…


Windows vista has been released to manufacture at long last!

I’m delighted to be able to post the great news (for Windows fans at least!) that Windows Vista was released to manufacture just a few short hours ago! RTM for Windows Vista & 2007 Office System is a big deal as it means the code is now finalised and ready for use. According to Jim…


The little apple logo will protect us all!

There’s a little story on the ever entertaining Stupid Security blog that explains how the mere presence an Apple Mac logo is (or rather is not) enough to ward off all nasty malware. It made me smile. If only information was a simple as changing brands. Actually forget that as if it was that simple…


How to change the ringtone of your windows mobile device

Thanks to Mike Ormond for letting me know that the ringtones are stored in the following directory: My Device\Windows\Rings Bizarrely enough I can’t “see” the \Windows directory from my PC when the mobile device is connected. Initially I used the “File Explorer” application on my device to move my custom ringtone to the \Windows\Rings directory….