Enhanced Security in Visual Studio 2005

As you may already be aware there are a vast array of security features in Visual Studio 2005 which take the pain out of writing secure code - I'll explain more another time.

Earlier this week I installed Visual Studio 2005 (Professional Edition) on my Windows Vista (VS) Beta 1 machine. I hadn't touched a programming language (except scripting) for a very very long time - approximate 12 years!

I particularly liked the post install message shown below which suggested I should secure my development system - certainly a good start. I also liked the way that I could run VS without being logged on as Administrator at last.

I chose to default to C# (as I used to be a C programmer) and proceeded to create a project by following the instructions in "Create Your First Application" - moments later I had that old familar first application "Hello World"!

Very straight forward indeed - hardly ground breaking programming.

You can see how easy it was by looking at the following image - the code listed results in a button being displayed, if you click on it you receive the "Hello, World!" message.

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  1. Matt Dickins says:

    I love VS05, but tbh I think it has better features than: a) Hello World b) & asking to update!!!! Glad to see you’ll mention more another time! P.S. Scripting is the way forward 🙂 —————– Do you get a free MSDN sub. to get Vista, VS e.t.c

  2. Steve Lamb says:

    Matt> I totally agree. And YES I get a MSDN sub as part of my job.

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