XBox 360 Launch in the UK – it’s here!

If you're reading this tonight (1st Dec) then it's not quite happened yet but XBox 360 launches in the UK tomorrow (2nd Dec) as you may be aware. I've been able to play a couple of pre-release games this week and can report that they're fantastic. Of course I would say that being a Microsoft employee but any of you who've met me will know that I tend to speak my mind and don't just push MSFT products.

The graphics and game play of Project Gotham Racing 3 and Call of Duty 2 IMHO are fantastic.

....and before anyone gets the wrong idea I don't have my own XBox 360 yet nor do I get a free or discounted machine - I have to queue up like everyone else!

Comments (2)

  1. Matt Dickins says:

    It’s the only console that I’ve seen that really makes me want one! However if I had more than £8 (literally I don’t atm) I would prefer spending my money on: than a 360, but my how they make me want one!

  2. Steve Jones says:

    I managed to get my hands on my brand new 360 unfortunately not on the day of release but on the 8th of december. Pre ordering the Bundle package in August was deffinately one of my wiser decisions. I also bought the new King Kong game which is a mid blowing game to play its like nothing i’ve ever seen. I’m looking to get my hands on Pefect Dark but it seems to be selling out everywhere i look.

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