Looking for advice on developing secure applications?

The MSDN UK Evangelist team have worked with the best practise experts throughout the company to bring you a developer-centric website which you can access by clicking here. There's some good content on the site and it's presented in an easily accessible (entertaining) manner. It's a new site so we're keen to receive your comments to enable the site to meet your requirements - the aim of the game is to share good advice.

IMHO introducing the term "audio cast" muddys the water so to speak given that the term Podcast is prevelent - I've fed this back to the team.

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  1. Matt Dickins says:

    Haven’t got round to commenting for ages!

    OMG, that poor goldfish & dave :(…. sorry, did I miss the point!

    Network security is pretty much my main interest field and I’ve started to code for money, and in terms of coding securely I know very little however I cannot recommend too highly:

    Writing Secure Code 2


    Threat Modelling

    Both brilliant books 🙂

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