What’s a Geek Dinner and when can I go to one?

*This post has been edited to correct the "Click here" link - thanks to Marc Liron for letting me know it was broken *

Many of you have heard me talking about the fun to be had at Geek Dinners. For those of you who are in the London area there's an interesting one coming up on the 10th of December - it's rather unusual as this one is on a Saturday. Click here to browse to the "registration" page - it's actually a WIKI - you just edit the page yourself to add your name and link to your website if you wish. You only have to pay for your food (a buffet) and drinks (though I gather that a quantity of wine is being donated for this one by a company named Stormhoek) - there's no attendance fee or anything like that.

Microsoft don't run Geek Dinners - these are purely arranged and run by individuals - there's no corporate backing (except for the wine @ this one) or advertising. That's part of the reason I enjoy them so much - it's a great opportunity to meet interesting people often from outside the technology arena.

Robert Scoble is the guest speaker for this one - Robert's an exceptionally keen blogger (you wouldn't believe how many posts he submits per day!) - head to the Geek Dinner for an entertaining evening.

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  1. nick says:

    Ah, but the true UK Geek who’s who is arguably currently the ORG pledge (http://www.pledgebank.com/rights). If you’re not down on the pledge (to create a UK digital rights campaign, a bit like the EFF), then you’re not anyone! I notice your name is missing from the list Steve….

  2. Matt Dickins says:

    Why are these awesome events during term time??????

    Actually come to think of it I’m in London on that day… no Saturday school! Doing something for an organist in my house.

    Anywho, sounds awesome! Have fun.

  3. Matt Dickins says:

    How was it?

  4. Steve Lamb says:

    Matt> I gather that it was another good event – unfortunately I didn’t make it in the end ;-(

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