Fill a few more braincells with security knowledge at these events

Tuesday 29th Nov- Public Key Infrastructure – tell me in plain English AND THEN deep technical how PKI works - deep technical session taking place in Reading (England) - it's free to join us - just follow the link to register

Wednesday 30th Nov - British Computer Society Microsoft Security Day
The Information Security Specialist Group (BCS-ISSG) would like you to join an action packed day in Reading (England) - the agenda is as follows:

Keynote presentation: Real world experiences from the world of the FBI
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - what’s that all about? How can it help me reduce my risk now?
How to get your servers to only do what you want them to do and nothing more.
Malware – how does it work and how to stop it causing you hassle and expense?
Wireless security - an oxymoron?
Rights Management – what’s that all about?
Q and A and Review of the day

Thursday 1st Dec When Two Worlds Meet - "Infrastructure Security for Developers", the bits you need to know and "New Security Enhancements in Visual Studio 2005", the How? and Why? discussed and demonstrated. This event will take place in London (England), it's free to attend and should provoke plenty of thought - just click on the link to register.

Friday 2nd Dec Coffee Break Webcast: Wireless security an oxymoron? - this is an online event so anyone can join us - it's only 30 minutes duration so you may be able to squeeze it into your schedule. This session will give a crash course in effective methods to secure different types of wireless networks from home to large enterprises. Just click on the link to register.

Thursday 8th Dec Wireless Security and Secure Remote Access - this event is taking place in Reading (England) - it's free, just click on the link to register - we'll drill into the detail of how to implement a secure wireless network and deal with the challenges of secure remote access.



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