How do you know when you’ve been on the road for too long?

I've been on the road for the last three and a half weeks. I'm beginning to notice some symptoms of "too long on the road" such as:

* When going to breakfast in the hotel I often quote a room number on a floor that they don't have

* I'm getting used to the fact that many hotels in the UK have never heard of broadband

* Dial up sucks

* Most people who email me assume I have fast network access

* The first thing I do when arriving @ a new venue is to locate the nearest StarBucks

* The mere suggestion of an English cooked breakfast is enough to make me find the nearest healthy alternative

The good news is that I'm actually going to the office later on this week. In addition I've thoroughly enjoyed meeting many IT Professionals and consumers whilst on the road @ GetSafeOnline, ITForum, The Oracle User Group and the Visual Studio/SQL/BizTalk launches.

It's certainly good to spend plenty of time out in the field as it keeps me grounded in the "real world".

I've presented at the following locations since my last visit to the office:

   Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham, Lewisham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Harrogate, London, Barcelona

Comments (7)

  1. Katherine Coombs says:

    If you find a healthy aternative please let me know!! Bangers and mash?!! English food is designed to promote heart failure I swear it! Don’t get me started on Internet access. I don’t even have dial-up from my hotel room. Carrier pigeons seem to be the closest thing to fast communication out of the hotel. Sigh. Breathe Katherine breathe. I want to hear all about Barthelona though!

  2. nik says:

    Surely you have the Larry Wall CTCP (clay tablet by carrier pidgeon) protocol to fall back on?

    And as for Americans moaning about the health of British food, thanks, made my day…. 🙂

  3. Steve Lamb says:

    Nik> Having re-read my rant I guess you may think that I’m an American. I’m actually from Yorkshire. I guess I’ve been spoilt by being used to broadband @ home and in most non-UK hotels I’ve been to ;-(

  4. Matt Dickins says:

    I assume you can charge the net access to MS, but free wi-fi – that’s even rarer (unless you walk onto the highstreet ;))

    My rant now – Starbucks make rubbish coffee! I’ll leave it at that before I start twitching…

  5. Melville says:

    I’ve been away 6 weeks London Leeds Leeds Leeds Leeds Leeds. Which is even worse trying to remember which room you are in…

  6. Steve Lamb says:

    Melville> I use the handy card the hotel give me @ check-in – it has both the room number AND the hotel name! You’ve definately been on the road too long fella!

  7. nik says:

    Ah, apologies for my assumption about your country of origin! Actually I do sympathise; having travelled in Canada and the USA coming back to UK hotels provokes a number of responses, including "HOW MUCH?!!" and "Oh, since when did an rj11 connection become ‘internet ready’?" 🙂

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