Child Internet Safety resources available here

We visited an London Secondary School and spoke to 150 Children aged 11 - 12 years of ago about how to stay safe on the Internet. I was staggered how many Children HAD sent photographs of themselves to people they only knew online. On a positive note I was really pleased by how interested the Children were in our message and how enthusiastic they were about new technology.

We made the children aware of the following resources to help them learn more about being safe on the Internet:

It was pretty strange for me to be back at school again - it seems like soooo long since I sat in assembly.

BTW: The reason the pictures shows empty chairs is that some people get kicks from seeing pictures of children - I doubt if anyone reading this blog would - but for the purpose of child protection I took the picture between classes.


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  1. John Steele says:

    What about the girl at the front! Is she bait?

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