Join us on 29th Nov to find out in Plain English AND deep technical HOW PKI works

Many of you have asked me questions about Public Key Infrastructure with regard to it's use for securing web transactions (SSL), wireless (PEAP & EAL-TLS), email (S/MIME) and Rights Management. Prior to joining Microsoft I was a security consultant for many years during which time I designed and implemented PKIs for many large commercial and government organisations.

I hope you are able to join this session as we'll spend the entire two hours looking purely @ PKI (and symmetric encryption). Don't worry if you're not a maths wizard - this will make sense. I'll demonstrate exactly HOW this stuff works in terms that you'll understand & there's free beer too! Please spread the word - this session is suitable for anyone who works with technology and is applicable to LINUX and Mac OS X too.

Browse here to register for this free event which will take place in Reading.

The abstract is as follows:

It’s not a myth. PKI is being used right now by most of us day by day to secure information. Generally speaking people are not aware of the mechanics of transactions or the technical underpinning that’s often using PKI.

This session is in response to requests from many of you to hear exactly how PKI works to enable you to design, implement and troubleshoot systems that make the most of this technique. Again, following your feedback, we’ll spend the entire two hour event covering PKI. We’ll spend some time examining the concepts and principles AND THEN implement a Certification Authority, use it to implement secure web communications via SSL, secure messaging via S/MIME and look at code signing.

Depending upon the level of questions we’ll also take a brief look at Rights Management enabling you to control HOW information is used once it’s left your network.

This session will give you the knowledge to understand all of the building blocks for the upcoming Secure Wireless session. 

NB:  This is a pre-cursor to the TechNet Event: Wireless and Secure Remote Access on the 8th December.  This will ensure that you are up to speed with PKI so that you get the most out of the event on the 8th!

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