I wish I hadn’t seen this…

As it's Friday afternoon (in the UK at least) I want to share this with you - I took the following picture yesterday as it intrigued me


Hopefully it's not what it appears to be!

Presumably it's something to do with electrics

Comments (4)

  1. Matt Dickins says:

    *removes hat*

    The Graveyard of Win 3.1

    Those were the days (and they still are in my house)

  2. Ari Protheroe says:

    Is that where Microsoft employees have to go when they leak information to have their memories erased 😉

    Or is it just the run of the mill network closet.

  3. DeepICE says:

    "Facilities Department"

  4. Fred Zorch says:

    I hate the required re-boots M$ makes you do without giving you a choice to re-boot later.

    Basically, this was the first place I found to post my "I hate bill gates" rant.

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